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Monday, February 14, 2011

~ Ode to Sticky Notes ~

For those who know me well - this little diddy will be no surprise to you - as my obsession with sticky notes is practically disturbing - they're in my desk at work, in my desk at home...in my purse, in my planner (which is in my purse), stuck to the side of my fridge, on my night stand, on my end tables....on my kitchen table....and I'm sure there are other places I am forgetting...I love sticky notes!!!

Sticky notes, Oh sticky notes, so many sizes...
Holding my ideas - my notes, my lists, my mind's surprises

Colors and colors my excitement I cannot contain!!
I buy more and more until 50 cents in my wallet is all that remains!

My mirror is full, my desk drawer is too
All of these sticky notes direct me until their tasks I ensue

Sticky notes, Oh sticky notes my love for you, I can hardly express
Sticky notes, Oh sticky notes
Which color will I buy next?? 

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  1. You better bet that Becky will aplaud you for this one!! Very cute!!