1 Philippians 1:6 - He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Organized Closet...and a Lesbian?

There I was, standing deep in thought in the hamper aisle of Wal-Mart on what seemed to be the warmest summer afternoon of the year. Air conditioning was welcomed and I was happy to finally be able to wear my favorite lace-strapped cami. Deep in my own thoughts, I carefully calculated what I would need to organize the girls’ closet and how many of each item I would need. From behind me, I hear “I like your tattoos” – an unfamiliar woman’s voice pulled me from my far away place – a place I was very content to be in. I turn slightly, with a half grin to acknowledge the compliment though hoping that’s all I may need to acknowledge. Much to my chagrin….there is much, much more to come.

The tattoo-complimentor is maybe 5’ tall, walks with a cane and I would venture to say she is about 30-35ish. She went on and on (and on and on and on) about how she had just gotten back from a week long trip from Toronto and how she LOVED Toronto. She stayed in a hotel there, but really didn’t have to stay in said hotel because she has family there. Technically, she could have applied for a temporary citizenship and stayed with those family members – though she didn’t really care to stay with them. The weather was fantastic in Toronto! Much better than here in Wisconsin…and if it weren’t for her dog (see tattoo on left leg for portrait) she would move there.  For about 30 seconds we talked about the three visible tattoos I had, then quickly moved to the four that she had received just that day on various portions of her body. She went on to tell me about each one and finally pointed to the very last one on her bicep – a rainbow colored heart. She then asked curiously, “Do you know what this stands for?” I felt put on the spot and probably looked a bit like a deer in the headlights, forgive me for being cliché. She quickly filled me in – “its stands for the pride” she said proudly and with a grin….oh boy….it all made sense now. Suddenly, I felt violated and practically naked with my little lace strappy cami. I prayed that Kris would call and kept rubbing my right forearm with my left hand, hoping the harsh fluorescent lights would toss a super sparkle off of my wedding ring into her eye and send a sparkly hint. I had no luck with either scenario – Kris didn’t call, and if there was any hint of super-sparkle power….tattoo-complimentor wasn’t letting on. She continued chattering on about the pride marches that are happening in California and New York…she wasn’t sure which one to go to because they were happening at the very same time – oh the dilemma!!! And, of course – trying not to be completely rude, I asked which she would rather go to…and guess which she chose? TORONTO! Yup….back to Canada people….all I really wanted was to crawl back into my head and finish organizing the kids’ closet. I was practically there as it was (almost organized in my head that is)…a whole 20 minutes went by…20 minutes of my life gone….being hit on by a woman in the hamper aisle of Wal-Mart. Really, even IF I were swinging that way – how many people do you know that say, “yeah…I met my life partner in the laundry aisle at Wal-Mart. It was love by the first iron.” Hey people, I’m just sayin’….